Why is the Sammi Pillow different than ordinary pillows?

The Sammi Pillow is made of earth friendly, sustainable plant materials. And, it properly aligns and supports your cervical spine, causing your neck muscles to relax, thereby reducing or eliminating neck pain. With this alignment, your airway is induced to remain open to allow breathing through your nose. The result achieved is deeper sleep with reduced or eliminated snoring.

The Sammi Pillow is :

  1. Adjustable to give your cervical neck, head, and shoulders the proper support and comfort they need, whereas other pillows are designed for general sleeping with little or no support.

  2. Filled with hulls from organically grown buckwheat, the hulls are 3-D in structure that interlock to create cavities to naturally cool the air under your neck and head, compared to pillows filled with polyurethanes, polyesters, duck/goose down, latex or memory foam that absorb and retain heat.

  3. Made with vegan fillings that are antimicrobial and hypo-allergenic, unlike other pillows that are filled with harmful or unhealthy synthetics, microplastics, latex, animal products, or chemicals.




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